Asphalt Deterioration: Causes And Solutions

Asphalt Deterioration: Causes And Solutions

When you have an asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for deterioration. Asphalt surfaces suffer deterioration with age that causes various problems, including cracking, potholes, and fading.

This blog post by Powersurge Plus LLC discusses the causes of asphalt deterioration and offers practical solutions.

What is Asphalt Deterioration?

This question is not as simple to answer as you might think. Asphalt deterioration is a broad term that can refer to any number of problems, including:

  • Cracking
  • Potholes and other types of surface damage
  • Fading or discoloration due to weathering

These issues can cause a great deal of inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians, not to mention creating a safety hazard. It’s essential to be aware of the potential for asphalt deterioration and take steps to prevent it where possible.

Why Does Asphalt Deteriorate?

Several factors can contribute to the deterioration of asphalt surfaces:

  • The age of the asphalt
  • Exposure to weathering and environmental conditions
  • Traffic volume and weight
  • Poor installation or maintenance

These are just a few reasons why asphalt can deteriorate over time. It’s essential to be aware of these factors and prevent or mitigate any damage.

How Can I Stop the Deterioration Process?

There are many ways to prevent or slow the deterioration of asphalt. The critical thing to remember is to take action early before the damage becomes too severe.


One way to protect your asphalt is to seal it with a coat of sealant. This will help keep it safe from moisture and contaminants, which can cause the surface to deteriorate.

Crack Filling:

This method is employed for non-working cracks in the asphalt surface. Place an asphalt emulsion into the gap to reduce water infiltration and prevent the crack widening.

Crack Sealing:

Different from crack filling, this procedure targets working cracks. A hot sealant is melted and injected into the gap, which hardens to form a watertight barrier.

Pothole Patching:

This method fills potholes or excavated areas in asphalt surfaces with hot mix asphalt or cold patching. Potholes are usually caused by water infiltration, so it is vital to address the underlying cause to prevent future damage.

Infrared Patching:

This procedure uses infrared heat to soften the asphalt, patched and compacted. This method gives permanent effects and is less likely to cause further damage. Moreover, it’s cost-effective and can be done during any season.

The Little Things

If your asphalt surface is still relatively in good condition, there are a few steps you can take to keep it that way. This includes appropriately sealing and maintaining your asphalt surface regularly, as well as keeping it free of debris and other foreign objects.


While the causes of asphalt deterioration can be numerous and varied, there are solutions available to address each one. If you require any repairs or maintenance services for your asphalt surface in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA, Powersurge Plus LLC is here to help.

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