How To Tell If Your Commercial Sidewalk Bollards Need An Overhaul

How To Tell If Your Commercial Sidewalk Bollards Need An Overhaul

Walk into any commercial parking lot, and you’ll be sure to see bollards. Those tall poles sticking out of the ground that separate parking spaces from sidewalks? While many people might take them for granted, these humble dividers play an essential role in keeping pedestrians safe.

Yet what happens when they start showing their age? Do you have to replace them all, or is there a way to refurbish them instead?

In this blog post, PowerSurge Plus LLC will explore the ins and outs of bollard maintenance and provide some tips on how to tell if your sidewalk bollards need an overhaul.

If you’ve noticed that your bollards (whether metal or concrete) are starting to show signs of wear and tear, it is time to think about replacing them. Here are a few warning signs that indicate it’s time for an upgrade:

Faded Paint

The paint is chipped or faded. At first, it wouldn’t seem like a problem but faded or chipped paint can quickly turn into rust. And once rust sets in, it’s only a matter of time before your bollards start to deteriorate.

Unstable Bollards

The bollards are starting to lean. It is a sure sign that the foundations are no longer stable and that the bollards could topple over.

Cracks inThe Concrete

There are cracks in the concrete or asphalt around the bollards. It means that the ground can no longer support the weight of the bollards, and they could sink into the ground if you don’t take action soon.

Serious Dents & Dings

The bollards have serious dents and dings. It could occur for several reasons, including bad weather, car accidents, or even intentional vandalism. Regardless of the cause, dented bollards can no longer do their job correctly and must be replaced.

Recurring Loose Fitting Issues

If the bollards constantly come loose, no matter how often you tighten them. It is a sign that the ground around the bollards has eroded and can no longer provide a tight fit. As a result, the bollards could come loose and cause damage or injuries.

Warping or Cracking

The bollards are warped or cracked. It is usually due to exposure to the elements, such as extreme heat or cold. Warped or cracked bollards are no longer stable and need to be replaced.

Missing Parts

The bollards are missing parts, such as the caps or reflective tape. It makes the bollards less visible and makes them more susceptible to damage. Missing parts also make it easier for people to remove the bollards, which could create a security risk.

Keep an eye on your bollards and make sure they’re in good condition. After all, they play an essential role in keeping your commercial district safe!

If you find that they need attention, don’t worry – we can help. Just call Power Surge Plus LLC, and we’ll schedule a service for you. Whether it’s the asphalt pavement maintenance, crack sealing, seal coating, or line striping, we are here in Levittown, PA, to help! 

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