Parking Lot Starting To Crack? Take These Steps To Prevent Further Damage

Parking Lot Starting To Crack? Take These Steps To Prevent Further Damage

As an experienced parking lot repair and maintenance company, we get many questions about the consequences of parking lot cracks. Many parking lot owners don’t worry about repairing cracks straight away or take them seriously only when they deteriorate further. Our advice for all such queries is not to delay the repairs. Wide-open cracks can turn into financial and legal liabilities if left unchecked, resulting in severe monetary and reputational losses for your business.

As a parking lot owner, your priority should be to repair cracks as soon as you notice them. The repair and maintenance measures depend on the nature of the cracks and the scale of parking lot damage. An expert asphalt paving contractor like Powersurge Plus LLC in Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA, can give you professional advice for the appropriate parking lot repair measures.

Here are some essential preventive tips that professionals employ to prevent pavement damage from escalating.


Sealcoating a parking lot is a standard method to prevent excessive parking lot damage. It also gives a fresh look to a weary old parking lot, adding a glamorous visual appeal to your property. Many contractors also suggest sealcoating as a proactive preventive measure that prepares your parking lot for the challenges waiting ahead. So, not only does sealcoating protect your parking lot from external threats and further cracking, but it also extends its lifespan safeguarding your investment in the long run.

Crack Filling

The worst part about cracks and surface openings is that they expose the parking lot’s base and foundation to harmful external elements like moisture, UV rays, and debris. These contaminants can creep into the base to wreak havoc and cause further distress. Before you know it, the minor cracks will transform into large potholes or alligator cracking, presenting a significant problem.

Crack filling is a short-term maintenance measure that ensures your parking lot can stand the test of time and does not wilt under pressure. The process involves placing an asphalt emulsion in all the dysfunctional cracks to reinforce the pavement’s durability and flexibility.

Cleaning and Inspection

Minor cracks are usually straightforward to repair, and professionals complete the restoration job within a day. However, once the renovation work is complete, you should ensure that cracks don’t emerge out of the blue again.

You should follow a regular maintenance routine, including cleaning and inspection, to prevent future crack development. Regular cleaning helps you detect potential pain points and take immediate action before they turn into something dangerous.

If you reside in Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA, and you’re looking for a reliable parking lot contractor that can guarantee a quick fix to the emerging cracks, then Powersurge Plus LLC is the right choice for you. With years of asphalt maintenance and sealcoating experience, we can help to ensure that your parking lot keeps looking great for many years to come.

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