The Essentials Of Parking Lot Maintenance In Winter

The Essentials Of Parking Lot Maintenance In Winter

Winter parking lot maintenance is a task that every parking lot owner should take seriously. You may think that you can get away with skipping it, but parking lot maintenance is imperative for the safety of your customers, visitors, and employees.

This blog post will explore five essentials to keep in mind when performing parking lot maintenance during the cold months of winter!

1. Remove the Snow

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses don’t take the time to remove the snow from their parking lots before starting work or going home after a long day. The problem with this is when people drive over these piles of snow; they create a slippery layer of ice that leads to parking lot accidents.

Snow removal is essential because it helps keep the parking spaces clear and safe for car parking.

2. Check the Parking Lot Signage

Signage is an integral part of parking lots. Make sure all parking signs are visible, clear, and legible.

If the parking sign is faded or illegible, it could lead to parking lot accidents. You must ensure parking signage is easy to read and understand. This helps prevent parking lot accidents because it will keep people from parking incorrectly or illegally in your parking spaces.

3. Keep the Parking Lot Clear of Debris

Make sure that the parking lot is free of debris. Debris can include things like trash, construction materials, and other objects that are not meant to be in parking lots.

When parking lot debris becomes lodged between tires, it could lead to parking accidents or damage the tires themselves. Ensure your parking lot is always clean and safe for people who park there.

4. Inspect the Parking Lot Lights

If parking lot lights have been damaged by snow or ice, it’s best to check them as soon as possible for safety reasons. In the case of a burned-out light bulb, replace as needed with bulbs that are designed for outdoor use and can withstand cold weather conditions without breaking easily.

If parking lot lighting requires repair, contact lighting companies in your area to schedule maintenance.

5. Consider Parking Lot De-Icing Chemicals

When parking lots are covered in ice and snow, there is a fair chance that drivers will slide on the icy surface. To prevent accidents from occurring due to this slippery parking lot condition, consider using parking lot de-icing chemicals for significant traction benefits.

De-icers also work well at melting away existing snow and preventing future accumulations of any snow.

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