The Pros & Cons Of Multipurpose Courts

The Pros & Cons Of Multipurpose Courts

A multipurpose court is a dream addition to the property of any sports enthusiasts. The enviable luxury of having a sports court right at your doorstep allows you to get the much-needed physical activity for the day. Getting to play your favorite sports with your friends and family is a terrific way to get in shape and relieve some stress!

Developing the ideal multipurpose court depends on your unique interests. Once you decide to get one for yourself, you must realize there are pros and cons of such courts that you need to consider before beginning development work.


  • Encourages Physical Activity

This is possibly the main reason why you’re getting a multipurpose court for yourself.  If you don’t like going to the gym and following monotonous routines, this is the best option – if you have the money! Having a multipurpose court promotes a healthier lifestyle, as you enjoy playing your favorite sport while burning those extra calories.

  • Encourages Bonding Activities

Another benefit of a multipurpose court in your backyard is that it helps you bond with your family, friends and neighbors. Since most sports played in a court encourage teamwork, they provide residents with a perfect bonding opportunity.

  • Safety and Low Injury Risk

Custom sports facilities come with slip-resistant flooring. On the other hand, artificial sports turfs are specifically designed to assist sufficient traction for the players. The non-abrasive surface offers a better bounce making it ideal for sports like basketball. The backing cushion and protective padding provide players with the insulation they require to prevent any severe injury.

  • Child Development

Having a multipurpose court is a significant investment that helps in child development. Regularly participating in team activities helps your child develop a much-needed team spirit while learning leadership skills. Additionally, playing outdoor sports on a multipurpose court also promotes the significance of a healthy lifestyle in your kids.


  • A Little Confusing

Having a multipurpose court in the backyard can be confusing for young children as they cannot make up their minds as to which sport to play. It can also lead to regular altercations between siblings as they’re not on the same page whether to play basketball or tennis.

  • Can Damage the Property

Too much activity on the court can eventually lead to premature damage. Different sports have their courts; the hard abrasive nature of a basketball court is not suitable for playing other sports and can lead to serious injuries. Extensive sporting activities also damage the surface, resulting in frequent, costly repairs and maintenance costs.

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