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PowerSurge Plus LLC – Superior Asphalt Maintenance Minded


PowerSurge Plus LLC – Superior Asphalt Maintenance Minded.

Tired of looking for a contractor you can trust? Look no further, PowerSurge Plus LLC understands the effect that harsh elements can have on your driveway or parking lot and we have the tried and true expertise to take care of your sealcoating, crack sealing, and line striping needs. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential pavement maintenance contractor, we are the ones to call.

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The Pavement Industry Is Bloated With Inexperienced And Unreliable Contractors Who Charge A Fortune While Delivering Substandard Quality Work And Customer Service.

Protect And Preserve Your Valuable Investment By Hiring Pavement Specialists At PowerSurge Plus LLC. We Enhance Your Property's Curb Appeal And Prolong Its Service Life To Double, Even Triple, The Life Of Unmaintained Asphalt!

Protect & Beautify Your Investment With PowerSurge Plus Today!



Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance here at PowerSurge, and is why we tend to your concerns and queries promptly long after we have finished working on your project! We meet you in person, draft a detailed estimate, and jump right in with restoring your pavement surfaces without any hidden costs, drama, and delays!



Sure, there are several pavement maintenance contractors in the pond, but not many offer the flexibility we provide. We understand each project’s needs are different and require unique solutions to deliver outstanding, long-lasting results. We schedule projects on weekends and holidays at your request and work out parking arrangements for condos and apartment complexes too!


Seasoned Maintenance Experts

We have been maintaining pavement surfaces for over two decades now, so naturally, we have gotten pretty good at stuff like sealcoating, crack filling, line striping, crack sealing, asphalt repair, and a variety of other services. From small-scale residential projects to million-dollar commercial maintenance projects, we have provided hundreds and thousands of our customers with superior workmanship and customer experience every time!

Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction is our priority


Licensed & Insured

We’ve got your back


20+ Years In Business

Experts are available

We Understand You Are Tired Of Dealing With PotHoles, Cracks, And Bumpy Rides.

Let us help you get your precious pavement back in shape again!


1,200+ happy customers


5-star reviewed on Home Advisor


20+ years of pavement maintenance expertise

Claim Your Pavement In Three Easy Steps!


1. Get Your Quote

Fill in your details on our contact form or call us at 215-393-7815 to get your free estimate today!


2. Approve The Contract

After receiving your estimate and reviewing our terms and conditions, sign our contract to have us get started on your project!


3. Enjoy Your New Surface

Sit back and relax because the pavement maintenance maestros are here to make your surface look as good as new again!

5-Star Reviewed on Home Advisor


Client Reviews

Carol Burnette
Carol Burnette
11. November, 2020.
Powersurge Plus did a beautiful job, we couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Will definitely have them back again when needed.
gordon adler
gordon adler
8. October, 2020.
This company is excellent! They show great concern for a quality job. They are careful, & thorough. They are priced very fairly for the quality work they perform.
Gail Garner
Gail Garner
14. September, 2020.
PowerSurge Plus LLC was terrific to work with! They were considerate of resident schedules. They were proficient in all areas of their work. I would recommend them highly. We will use them again. They sealed cracks, sealed the roads, and striped our parking spaces.
chris Haig
chris Haig
13. September, 2020.
I am extremely happy with the job PowerSurge did on my driveway. It’s the best, most comprehensive sealing job we’ve ever had done. Highly recommend!
Scott Weber
Scott Weber
6. September, 2020.
I couldn’t be happier with Powersurge Plus. They did a fantastic job on my driveway I would recommend them to anybody who wants to have their driveway sealed.
Joseph Castiglia
Joseph Castiglia
18. August, 2020.
Our veterinary hospital parking lot and driveway was ready for a sealcoat and line painting and after searching for sealcoat contractors in our area I saw that PowerSurge Plus had numerous excellent reviews. Based on those reviews, I called Derek at PowerSurge Plus. He promptly responded to my inquiry, arrived at the site on time and provided a very reasonably price quote. Derek planned around our operational hours (and rain) and completed the sealcoating as promised. He is very meticulous to detail on edges to the car stop bumpers, curbs, sidewalks etc. to avoid any splatter. His coating was very even using high quality materials. It rained the next day when the line painting was planned. Derek went above and beyond to complete the job before start of business the next morning. He returned in the late evening after the rain stopped, the parking lot had dried, and completed the job with an amazing laser guided line striping machine working under the parking lot lights. The result was accurate lines and handicap markings with no splatter and sharp, crisp edges. I would recommend Derek and PowerSurge Plus to everyone.
Ted Frank
Ted Frank
31. July, 2020.
Provided a sealcoating estimate for my driveway within 24 hours of request. Scheduled the work within 3 weeks of receipt of estimate. Arrived within the 2 hour window promised. Took great care and invested a lot of time in performing the work. Repaired cracks where needed. The resulting product looks great. I plan to definitely use them again.
29. July, 2020.
Powersurge Plus was awesome. Quick response for quote which was very reasonable. They came out within a day of accepting the quote and did a fantastic job with our driveway. High quality, professional work that is neat. Very professional and friendly to deal with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Powersurge Plus.

Sydney Wilson

We had our driveway done last week (photos on this page), very happy with the finished product. Obviously very meticulous as a good portion of the driveway is along walls, no sealer on the walls at all. All for a reasonable price, I would certainly recommend.

Dan Cook

Sealed our driveway which included many cracks very meticulously. Looks great and i highly recommend them.

Gordon Adler

Powersurge Plus is an outstandingly great company to use. Quality, attention to detail, & good price are reasons to making this company worth dealing with.

John M.

Derrick is a perfectionist in all good ways. While the job took a extra couple of days, it was out of his concern for the weather and the final quality. A pleasure to work with, explained all of the what’s and why’s. After having a number of different companies do my driveway (and not completely well), I now have a driveway resealer for life.

Sara K.

Excellent job and competitively priced! I researched them prior to hiring them and they lived up to their reputation!

Ryan V.

Just let me say, these guys know their trade! Extremely professional, excellent communication and the quality of the job left us speachless. In our eyes, they must have went the extra mile because it looks awesome!!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please let your surface rest for 24 hours after it has been given a final coat of sealing before resuming foot and vehicular traffic.

    For queries and more information about our services, please call us at 215-393-7815.

    Ensure to keep all your cars out of the garage, driveway, or any other parking space the day prior to the maintenance job. Also, make sure to keep your pets off the freshly-sealed surface until it fully dries. And lastly, make sure your sprinklers are off during the 24-hour drying period.
    Sealcoating will not eliminate all small cracks. The sealer will help fill in small voids and coat imperfections, but the marks may still be visible.

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