Asphalt Repair & Patch Work

Asphalt distresses caused due to several factors, including improper installation, infrequent maintenance, and exposure to elements, harsh chemicals, pressure, and more. The worst time of the year for asphalt surfaces when the most damage occurs is in winters when the freeze and thaw cycle wreaks havoc. Our practices like frequent deicing and salt and hard tools usage can further damage the top layer of the pavement.

If timely repairs are not carried out on an asphalt pavement, the existing damage can worsen, especially if moisture seeps inside the distresses and breaks the asphalt bindings. The best time to carry out asphalt repair is in the fall and spring.

An asphalt surface can be repaired through various methods, including crack sealing, crack filling, pothole repair, and infrared repair. If the condition of the pavement gets worse, it requires resurfacing, patching, or repaving.

PowerSurge Plus LLC offers expert asphalt patching service to eliminate all signs of distress from the pavement area. Patching is done to repair potholes, partial base failure, alligator cracking, and other extensive damage. Our professionals remove the weakened asphalt and replace it with a new asphalt patch to create a strong pavement.