Sport Court Surfacing

Sports courts are a must-have addition for sports facilities, wellness centers, recreational clubs, school gymnasiums, and other commercial and educational properties offering tennis, basketball, and other sports that require hard courts. Paving a durable hard court and keeping it in mint condition through regular maintenance and repairs is essential to minimize injuries to players, improve the game, and increase property value.

A neglected tennis court can develop cracks, depressions, improper drainage/ puddles, stains, peeling, flaking, moss, algae, and other problems, making the surface unplayable and even a hazard. It may also negatively impact a property’s value and image.

Unlike other paved surfaces, there are not many repair methods available to fix a distressed sports court. Sports courts need timely sealing and stain removal, regular cleaning, and occasional power washing and crack repair. If a court is badly damaged, it needs to be resurfaced.

PowerSurge Plus LLC offers professional sports court surfacing solutions to help you maintain your recreational surface’s look and functionality.