Sport Court Striping Services in Pennsylvania

Sports court striping is a vital part of maintenance because, without appropriate pavement marking, tennis courts and other types of recreational surfaces become useless. Not to forget, with time and use, your sports court’s surface can fade, including the court markings and lines.

That’s why your hard courts need to be restriped every few months, depending on how extensively they are used. Because without proper markings, players will be unaware of the court’s edges, leaving them confused, baffled, and irritated when counting scores. This might end up in players quitting the game and abandoning the court in frustration.

Thus, to avoid confusion and prevent on-court disputes, it is essential to get sport court striping done as soon as the lines start to fade. Your outdoor courts’ striping needs to be such that it is visible even in heavy rainfall, so there is no downtime for your business.

PowerSurge Plus LLC offers affordable, quick, and long-wearing sport court striping that is precise, highly visible, and can last a long time.