4 Tips On How To Repair A Crumbling Asphalt Driveway

4 Tips On How To Repair A Crumbling Asphalt Driveway

A crumbling asphalt driveway is not only an eyesore, but it can lead to expensive repairs in the future. If you want to save your time and money, follow these four tips for repairing your deteriorating asphalt driveway.

Hire a Professional Contractor

You need a professional contractor to assess the situation and determine what repair work is required. It should be someone who understands your needs and how to fix an asphalt driveway most efficiently and economically. Powersurge Plus LLC in Philadelphia, PA, is an experienced contractor who can help with your driveway repair.

A crumbling driveway needs professional attention, and delaying the repair only makes the problem worse. Professional contractors are also aware of the nature of repair jobs and the ideal weather conditions that give the best results.

However, before hiring a contractor for the job, you need to research the market thoroughly and shortlist the best possible candidates. An inexperienced team won’t deliver the results they promise, costing you a significant sum with possible hefty repairs lined up for the future.


Sealcoating helps protect the driveway by sealing cracks in the asphalt that can cause more significant problems down the road. Asphalt driveways are susceptible to damages from heavy traffic volume and harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or excessive exposure to UV rays. For minor cracks, you can use latex sealant on top of the cracks or other repairs that will cover up the cracked area. This can help keep water out and prevent moisture from causing more damage. Asphalt patching is also another quick fix for small leaks/cracks in repairing your driveway. It’s worth mentioning that these are temporary fixes, and we expect them to last only one season before you require additional repairs.

Crumbling Driveway Edges

Since asphalt is different from concrete, its edges break down quicker than the center of the slab. This can give your driveway a sloppy look, as random pieces of broken asphalt are generally very challenging to repair. You can hire a professional to repair the crumbling section and strengthen the edges to give your driveway a consistent look throughout.

Fixing Cracks

Cracks and minor holes are a common sight on a crumbling driveway. The cracks can grow deeper and escalate to become large potholes that require costly repairs. Although fixing cracks requires extensive work, but a timely repair can save you from hefty repair bills in the future. Clean the cracks, ensure there is no debris around them, and prepare them for a professional repair job.

Powersurge Plus LLC offers you the opportunity to restore your driveway’s original look in Philadelphia, PA. As the premier asphalt contractor in the region, we offer quality asphalt repair and maintenance services to our clients. Get a free estimate from our team now and enjoy first-rate services at affordable rates.