5 Proactive Measures For Preventing Potholes & Cracks This Winter!

5 Proactive Measures For Preventing Potholes & Cracks This Winter!

In terms of temperature, the lowest any traditional asphalt treatment & repair can go is 50F. Any lower and treatments become risky. The picturesque city of Levittown is home to many suburban communities, and flawless asphalt forms a major aspect of their curb appeal.

Regular asphalt maintenance is almost a ritual at this point. Still, there are always some stragglers who require the services of a reliable paving contractor to make up for the lateness in preventive asphalt maintenance before the winter’s snow. That is where Powersurge steps in with their years of experience in the locality!

It’s still not too late to get your residential asphalt driveway & pavement fixed, as our team at Powersurge Plus has the best to offer at this proactive stage. Here are some things you can do:

1. Schedule Asphalt Repairs

The average asphalt pavement is subject to many freeze-thaw cycles, resulting in the potential for cracks & potholes. Lucky for you, we provide asphalt infrared patching, something many of our competitors can’t boast of. Whether it’s chilly or downright fleet cold, your cracked asphalt surfaces stand a successful chance at being repaired by infrared technology. If an asphalt failure requires full-depth repair, then we advise a cold patch for now.

2. Fill & Seal Cracks Properly

Scour your residential pavement & driveway for cracks first thing in the morning light. If you find small cracks, the weather is manageable for a driveway seal coat or hot emulsion. If the cracks exceed a quarter of an inch wide, then you should call in the pro cavalry to have all the cracks filled. Depending on the curing times, an appropriate crack sealer can be applied as well. Just don’t delay too long!

3. Stock Up on Deicers

Remember that snowstorm Levittown had last winter? Cars were banned from parking on the streets to allow for emergency snow plowing services. Plan ahead. Stock up on deicers before the winter hype ensues a shortage. Use eco-friendly deicers in moderation after freshly plowed pavement. Schedule with snow removal if you manage a parking lot.

4. Refresh Your Lot’s Line Striping

Although most managers avoid re-stripping to save money, they expose themselves to greater liability by having a lot that is not ADA compliant and poses a slip hazard for visitors. Our advice is that you get your lots patched and re-striped right away. Re-striping with reflective paint assists with driver accessibility & visual guidance, especially when the fleet falls thick.

5. Maintain Clean Asphalt Surfaces

This wholly neglected aspect contributes to the unattractiveness of your asphalt driveway, parking lot, and commercial pavement. The dirtier the snow you allow on your asphalt, the greater chance there is for freeze-thaw damage. We know it’s not begun to snow, but ensure your asphalt surfaces are clean of muck and debris so as not to become a damaging surface mess mixed with snowmelt.

Powersurge Plus goes above and beyond to ensure that your asphalt surfaces are in top form for the winter season. We provide a comprehensive range of paving & repair services, one of which is infrared asphalt repair, and certainly makes winter asphalt repairs a walk in the park. Sealcoating your asphalt this advanced into winter isn’t easy, but we can undoubtedly tempt you with hot asphalt emulsions.

We provide high-quality paving services that are tailored to your budget without any difficulty. Have a look at our free services quotes in Levittown, PA, and don’t hesitate to have us bring back the charm of your road!