5 Tips For Winter Sports Court Maintenance

5 Tips For Winter Sports Court Maintenance

Do not worry – we at Powersurge have got your back. Quality sports are often attributed to quality courts. If the spot where you are playing is not good, how good of a game do you actually expect to play? Take it from a business that has been fixing and maintaining sports courts for several years; sports court maintenance is essential – especially in winter!

Want a flawless sport court in the winter? Powersurge, serving Philadelphia, PA, has compiled some great tips on winter sport court maintenance just for you.

Put Early Inspection On Your To-Do List

Winters might come in fast. They might take control of your court, what with snow and ice everywhere. To avoid the snow’s frenzy, start your inspections as early as the winter months begin. Even the slightest snow could indicate spells you want to avoid. You know how it is with weather!

You cannot wait for the news to report snow – keep an eye out yourself.

Clear Away Any Rogue Water Puddles or Standing Water

Remember to clear any standing water on your court. Puddles that accumulate during winter can freeze and cause holes in the surface, so be sure they are removed quickly. You will find these puddles forming on your court, especially after heavy rains.

Keep Your Court Clean

Nobody wants a dirty sport court at any time of the year. So, clean courts in winters are still a must even if there are fewer sports in this season. Any weeds or trash – you need to take care of all of this. Make sure you take the weeds out carefully and place trash bins in every corner, so people use them. Your customers will love your clean court. You might even get a few compliments!

Green Is Good; But, Hold Up on the Chemicals and Power Machines

You might see some people choosing high-pressure cleaners. A lot of people prefer high-pressure cleaning equipment or power washers to ensure a thorough cleaning of the courts. They need to be careful using all this. It also applies to harsh chemicals that may be used in cleaning or removing ice from surfaces. The intention, no doubt, is good, but be extremely cautious.

Don’t DIY No Matter How Bad the Urge

You want to keep your sports court maintained yourself. Sure. Independence is good. But if there is anything we have learned in our time fixing sports courts, people who DIY more often than not ruin their courts. This is why we recommend professional help like our own.

Powersurge, serving Philadelphia, PA, will is ready to come to your aid and take control of your sports courts cleaning this winter. We provide a number of premium services like crack sealing, commercial seal coating, and much more. Summon us to take care of your sports court this winter.