Asset Protection: How Bollards Help Secure Your Commercial Areas

Asset Protection: How Bollards Help Secure Your Commercial Areas

Apart from being an aesthetic addition to an urbanscape’ pavement, bollards are a case of crowd control ingenuity that has exploded to cover a niche in commercial asset protection. Initially, bollards were developed to form a perimeter or architectural barrier. They are now used as visual traffic guides, decorations, and boundary markers, and they come in manual and automated varieties.

Bollards are made from simple materials like plastic, concrete, and stone, but high-impact metal is used for modern and automated asset protection needs. Some bollards are manually fixed, even removable, while others are designed to extend or retract. Bollards can go from protecting your shopping mall’s entrance to providing a defense at high-risk establishments.

Previously we discussed types of bollards; now, we talk about how they are ideal for asset protection.

Restrict Vehicular Access: 

When set up in rows along a busy pedestrian walkway, bollards can very easily define and limit the entry of vehicles into the area. Such bollards can be designed to permanently restrict vehicle access in places or be retractable bollards that allow vehicle access at a particular time.

Control Frequency: 

In commercial and government establishments where vehicular access is allowed via clearance, retractable bollards can stand as barriers for infrequent vehicle access. Embassies employ such asset protection methods all the time. Bollards can also be used to disperse large crowds in commercial and tourist-rich areas for national security purposes. Railway stations & airports even use bollards on their interiors to dissipate and control crowds passing which helps with surveillance.

Protect Property & People: 

Sometimes, road signs and warnings are insufficient to deter vehicles from exceeding speed limits or overtaking on open roads. This can lead to accidents, loss of life, and potential damage to the surrounding commercial property. As a counter, bollards can be installed at pavement curbs to warn and limit vehicular speeding. Such use is ideal in residential areas too to protect children from speeding vehicles. Another benefit is securing HVAC units outside buildings, so they can’t be carried away or stolen. You will notice many of these examples where bollards secure external assets.

Bollards Secure Perimeters:

High impact bollards are used to deter oncoming vehicles from breaching perimeters of restricted access properties. Industries, military bases, embassies, business centers; essentially, all assets vital to the state need to be protected by limiting the damage a rogue heavy vehicle can do.

While it’s true that bollards are quite functional on pavement and sidewalks, they have evolved to more significant applications and purposes. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, bollards always help shield pedestrians against potential vehicular accidents as long as they are not breaching any ADA clause by encroaching on ADA cityscape elements.

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