Reasons To Have Wheel Stoppers On Your Parking Lot

Reasons To Have Wheel Stoppers On Your Parking Lot

It is essential to have wheel stoppers on your commercial parking lot in Philadelphia, PA. Various incidents have taken place in which car wheels got stuck with the rails of car park barriers. To avoid such risks, wheel stoppers are used on commercial parking lots. These stoppers serve as a protective measure to keep your car’s wheels from getting stuck with railings.

There are different types of wheel stoppers. Some are flexible, made up of rubber, while others are rigid and made up of hard plastic or metal alloy. These stoppers have high strength to hold the vehicle in place. Professional companies like Powersurge Plus LLC can guide you regarding wheel stoppers installation.

Wheel stopper installation gives your customers confidence in knowing that they won’t leave behind any part of their vehicle when they open the door!

What Are Wheel Stoppers?

Wheel stoppers are long concrete, metal, or rubber barriers placed close to the parking lot’s edge. They prevent cars from driving onto grass, mud, gravel, and other unsafe surfaces, which will hurt their tires or otherwise damage vehicles.

Why Do I need Wheel Stoppers?

Protect Your Customer’s Property

Having wheel stops on your asphalt driveway helps assure that customers’ vehicles don’t get damaged! This is especially important if you have heavy trucks parked in front of your establishment because these vehicles often drive over curbs where there aren’t wheel blockers installed.

Keeping Vehicles Off the Landscaping

Wheel Stoppers are also essential for ensuring that vehicles don’t drive onto the grass! Many business owners make the mistake of not installing wheel stoppers because they think their employees will be careful when parking. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and someone could quickly drive over the lawn if there are no barriers in place. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also ruin your landscaping!

Pedestrian Alert

Another great reason to have wheel stoppers on your parking lot is that pedestrians don’t get hit by cars. If you have a sidewalk next to your parking lot, installing wheel blockers is crucial so that people aren’t walking into traffic.

Beware of Intersections!

If your parking lot is located near an intersection, wheel stoppers can help prevent accidents. Wheel stoppers should be installed about 100 feet away from where people cross the road so that traffic has time to stop before reaching them. If you own property within the city limits or other locations with heavy foot traffic, wheel stoppers are significant because there’s always someone walking around!

Easier Navigation

The final reason why wheel stoppers are suitable for parking lots is that they make navigating the spaces easier. With wheel stoppers in place, cars will park straight into their designated spot every time since they’ll know exactly how much space to leave in front. This makes the parking lot look neat, which customers or tenants appreciate.

If you require asphalt paving, asphalt repair, seal-coating, installing wheel stops, or any other asphalt services in Philadelphia, PA, make sure to contact Powersurge Plus LLC! We can help you get your parking lot looking and functioning at its best. Get a free quote today!