Signs Your Bollards Are In Need Of Repair Or Replacement

Signs Your Bollards Are In Need Of Repair Or Replacement

It’s not easy to tell when the bollards in your parking lot require repair or replacement. As sturdy as these metal posts are, they do stop looking new after some time, no matter how often you clean them up. However, if there are noticeable damages like deep dents or splits, it’s time for a bollard replacement.

PowerSurge Plus LLC discusses four signs that indicate you may need to repair or replace your bollards.

Missing Bollard Covers

If any of your bollards are missing their cover, this is a significant warning sign. Bollard covers come in various shapes and colors, but they keep dirt and debris from building up in the base. If you see that one or more of your bollards has been stripped of its cover, there’s a chance it also could be stripped of much-needed internal lubricant! In addition to changing out your bollard covers when they begin to tear up, make sure you check on any spare covers too.

Discoloration and Debris Gathering Under Your Covers

If your bollards look like they’ve been too close to a fire, you might need some new coverings. The heat from the flames can cause your bollard covers to warp and melt away. If they look more like Swiss cheese than a protective barrier, it’s time to replacements.

Also, check for debris build-up under the bollards’ coverings. If you see leaves, branches, and other natural elements collecting beneath your bollards, it might be time to add some new ones.

Serious Dents In The Bollard Itself

If your bollards have used their shields to absorb physical blows, it is probably time for a replacement. If you happen to notice large dents and scrapes on the surface of the bollard, it’s time for bollard replacement. Also, check that there aren’t any dents around the base of your bollards. Since they support so much weight, they should be smooth and even.

Loose Fitting

Bollard fittings can become loose from frequent contact with forces, such as automobiles and trucks. If you find yourself tightening loose fittings only to deal with the issue again a few days later, the concrete or cement beneath the bollards may be deteriorating.

Depending on what they are constructed of, the bollards themselves could have permanently loosened. If the foundation is faulty and the bollards are otherwise suitable, pouring cement might be sufficient. However, if the bollards are damaged in any way, get them replaced immediately. Heavy vehicles may have a severe impact on your bollards, and we at PowerSurge Plus LLC, serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA, know how to deal with it. With our expertise in maintenance and repairs, we offer a bollard service that can care for residential and commercial properties. We provide bollard installation service for damaged or vandalized bollards. Call us today or get a free quote!