The Truth About Sealcoating: What Property Managers Need To Know

The Truth About Sealcoating: What Property Managers Need To Know

If you are a property manager, you know the importance of keeping your property looking its best. One way to execute this is by sealcoating your asphalt surfaces regularly.

Sealcoating helps protect your asphalt from weathering and wear and tear. It can also refine the appearance of your property. However, there are some things that you need to know about sealcoating before you decide whether or not to have it done.

In this blog post, PowerSurge Plus LLC will discuss some of the most critical facts about sealcoating that every property manager should know!

No. 1: Fights Fading

One of the main perks of sealcoating is that it helps protect your asphalt from fading and oxidation. UV rays from the sun, stagnant water, and air pollution can all cause asphalt to fade and become discolored.

Sealcoating helps create a barrier between your asphalt and the elements, which will help keep it looking new for longer. Once applied, it restores the original color of asphalt and gives it a fresh, new appearance.

No. 2: Durable Destiny

Sealcoating asphalt is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain and prolong its lifespan. By sealcoating, you are essentially giving your asphalt a protective layer that will help prevent damage from weathering, water, oil, and gas leaks.

These advantages make sealcoating one of the best investments a property owner can make. You’ll be able to preserve your asphalt, save money in the long run, and extend its lifespan.

No. 3: Cracked Question

Although sealcoating goes a long way to prevent asphalt cracking, it’s important to note that it cannot and does not fill in cracks that have already formed.

This is where asphalt repair comes in. Asphalt repair is filling in existing cracks to prevent further damage and keep your asphalt looking its best. Cracks can form for various reasons, including weathering, water damage, tree roots, and more.

Sealcoating is a preventative measure that will help you avoid the need for asphalt repair. Still, it’s essential to understand the roles of both asphalt maintenance options.

No. 4: Melting in Minutes

In the colder months, you can expect any ice or snow on your asphalt to melt quickly. That’s because asphalt is dark material, and it absorbs heat from the sun more efficiently than lighter-colored materials.

Sealcoating helps trap this heat beneath the surface of the asphalt, accelerating the melting process and shielding the asphalt from the water penetration and freeze-thaw cycles that can cause cracks and potholes.

The Gist

As you can see, sealcoating is a vital asphalt maintenance step, especially in areas that experience cold winters.

At PowerSurge Plus LLC, we offer reliable sealcoating services in Cherry Hill, NJ. Our mission is to help property managers keep their asphalt in top condition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your sealcoating needs.

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